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My name is Alexander and I am a photographer, web developer, designer and viticulture & enology student based in Portland, OR. I grew up in steamy Orlando, FL. Went to photojournalism school at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY and then worked as a photojournalist in the non-profit sector, primarily on assignment in Africa.

I am an avid lover of the mountains and the vineyard and you can often find me either escaping to camp in the high alpine, or charting a course to visit my favorite producers in the Willamette Valley.

FTNW Creative is a merger of a few of my passions: wine, photography, and design. Though I am open to web and photo projects in other sectors, I focus my work on local Oregon wineries to help them build their web presence and create photographic work that can be used to tell the stories of the hard working men and women of the Oregon wine industry.


Email Address: alex@ftnwcreative.com

Phone Number: 407-405-5148